Welcome, I'm Daniel Oliveira, a professional Wedding Photographer offering exceptional services designed to capture the unique essence and moments of each couple's journey. Our expertise extends from Lisbon and across Portugal to the international sphere, with proven experience in esteemed destinations like the Netherlands, Germany, France, England, and Brazil.

Beyond simply documenting images, we believe in capturing the soul and vivid emotions of each moment, our astute photographic craft enables us to eternalize your unique love stories. Delivering a heart-inspired blend of experience, knowledge, and innovative techniques, we are committed to ensuring your precious moments are immortalized with the high quality they truly deserve.

Looking for a Wedding Photographer in Lisbon, throughout Portugal and Europe or Brazil? We specialize in capturing the innate beauty and magic of your special day.

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“The first time we saw the photos from Galeria Oliveira, we knew that we had found something special. The photos of Luiza and Daniel surprised us and won us over very quickly for the emotional charge they brought; the quality of the photos is superb, but what we really loved was the way they managed to capture moments between people and tell stories.”